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Timo Boll ALC

Rp 1.350.000

Blade Timo Boll ALC

Speed  8.9
Control  8.2
Stiffness  5.7 - Average
Hardness  5.9 - Medium
Consistency  8.5 - Always identical
Overall  9.2
Plies  7
Materials  2 plies of Arylate Carbon, 2 plies of Koto, 2 plies of Limba, center ply is Kiri
Head Thickness  5.7mm
Head Dimensions  157 x 150 mm
Handle Dimensions  100 x 24 mm
The Timo Boll ALC is the blade of choice for the European Triple Champion, Timo Boll. Timo working with Butterfly's technicians, helped design his new blade which offers a touch more speed than his previous model but still allows for the production of the heavy topspin strokes Timo is known for.

Using his new blade along with Butterfly's new Tenergy rubbers, Timo successfully defended all three of his Titles at the 2008 European Championships. Timo plays fair and wins and so can you. The Timo Boll ALC offers the maximum blend of speed, heavy spin, and Control.

Pemesanan: Ketik Timo Boll ALC/Jumlah/Nama Lengkap/Alamat lengkap/Nmr Hp wajib diisi kirim sms/wa ke 0899 414 7005 atau add Pin:32516447 email: tokomuslimjogja@gmail.com www.tokotenismejamurah.com.

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