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Blade Xiom Zetro Quad

Rp 1.080.000

Blade Xiom Zetro Quad

ZETRO QUAD is a blade for topspin. Aiming of ZETRO QUAD is purely the improvement of the ability of topspin. “QUAD” means our innovative technology of using four layers of artificial materials sophisticatedly. Zylon fiber which directly placed under top layers increases the ability of grabbing ball. Soft carbon fiber under middle layers adjusts overall performance, and at the same time reduces the unnatural feel which is the shortcoming of Zylon fiber. Top layer of selected KISO HINOKI guarantees comfortable feel. The result is great ability of topspin. Making heavy topspin is effortless, and even secure. Players will always be able to take initiative of their game by effective preparatory topspin attack, and keep it by continuous topspin from any distance.

From manufacturer:
Speed 95.0 /
Control /
From community:
Speed   9.0
Control   8.8
Stiffness   5.9 - Average
Hardness   4.9 - Medium
Consistency   9.3 - Always identical
Overall   9.5
Plies   9
Materials   4 plies of Zylon Carbon
Head Thickness   7.0mm
Head Dimensions  
Handle Dimensions  

Harga Promo Rp 1.080.000 (Belum Ongkir)

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